Temporary Signs

Situations That Require a Permit
A permit is required whenever you are installing any of the following temporary banners and/or signs:

Signs for events
Signs for events, which include but are not limited to banners, pennants, searchlights, balloons or other gas filled figures, are subject to the following requirements:

A. A permit from the Village is required for Signs for events.
B. Landlord approval is required for all Signs for event on leased properties.
C. A maximum of 4 events per business are permitted for a maximum of 60 days total annually for each developed parcel.
D. The size of a Sign for event sign shall be limited to no greater than 4 x 8 feet or 32 square feet in area.
E. Signs in excess of 32 square feet in area may be erected in promotion of a public parade, public event or public celebration for a period not to exceed 15 days. Signs shall require a permit and shall be approved by the Administrator. Signs shall be removed no more than 2 days after the event.
F. Balloons may be utilized but not aggregated or grouped together in excess of 27 cubic feet and in no event shall have a cross-sectional dimension greater than 3 feet.
G. Event banners shall be counted against any signs/banners allowed per the applicant's Amusement Activity application as set forth in Chapter 5.08 of this Code.

Grand opening
Grand opening signs are allowed subject to requirements set forth within Section 14.20.020.

For rent, sale or lease signs
"For Rent, Sale or Lease" signs in any zoning district are exempt from Sections 14.12.010, 14.12.030, 12.12.060 (except subsection C), and 14.12.080 provided that they do not exceed 6 square feet, are located on private property, and are limited to one sign per parcel.

The Administrator may issue a permit for a "For Rent, Sale or Lease" sign on commercial property in any zoning district provided that it does not exceed 24 square feet. The sign may be renewed by the Administrator on an annual basis for an annual fee of $50.00.

A permit may be issued for all other "For Rent, Sale or Lease" sign in any zoning district, subject to the following requirements:

1. Time Limit. Such permits may be issued for a period not to exceed one year. A permit may be renewed for one additional period of up to 12 months for each permit upon written request from the landlord at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the current permit.

2. Location. A "For Rent, Sale or Lease" sign shall not exceed in height the distance measured from the property line, attached to or within 10 feet from an approved ground sign.

3. Height. A "For Rent, Sale or Lease" sign shall not exceed 10 feet in height.

4. Number and Size. Only one sign shall be allowed per frontage and limited in size as shown in the table below. The maximum permitted area of a "For Rent, Sale or Lease" sign for a given parcel shall be determined as follows:

Property Frontage (Lineal Feet) Maximum Permitted Area of Sign (Square Feet)
Less than 200 16
Less than 400 32
Less than 600 48
Less than 800 64

5. Materials. Signs shall be constructed with a minimum of one-half inch material suitable for outdoor use. Supports shall be a minimum of four-inch by four-inch painted wood posts or other type of support as approved by the Administrator. All exposed portions of the sign, not containing copy, shall be painted.

Due to the uniqueness of each installation, additional information may be required. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that a permit has been secured prior to commencing any work. This information is being provided to help guide you through the permit process.