Bike Rodeo

In conjunction with National Bicycle Safety Month in May the Buffalo Grove Police Department hosts their annual village-wide Bike Rodeo at Mike Rylko Community Park (Corner of Deerfield Parkway & Buffalo Grove Road - Entrance on the west side of Buffalo Grove Road, south of Deerfield Parkway). While the major emphasis of the event is to promote bicycle safety, it also gives an opportunity to expose children to the rules of the road and the importance of helmet use. The event is targeted to kids 5 through 12 years of age. There are several stations the kids visit as they learn about proper bike handling and safety. 

Rodeo Stations

When you first arrive, parents will register their kids for the event (admission is free) and if a bike needs to be registered with the village, forms and stickers are available.

Next up is the helmet fit station. Volunteers from the Wheeling Wheelmen Cycling Club show kids and parents how to properly fit and wear a helmet. Helmets are required to participate in this event.

The third station is manned by a local bike shop mechanic to make sure each bike is properly working. This includes proper tire pressure and functioning brakes.

The remaining stations give the kids a chance to test their biking skills through obstacle courses, stopping accuracy, speed, and agility. 

Event Details

During the event kids receive safety brochures and other bicycle safety trinkets like pencils, key chains, and suckers. Everyone receives a participation ribbon while the winners in each division receive first, second, and third place trophies. In addition, a raffle for a boys and girls bike donated by our local Rotary Club. 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 27, 2017 from 11 AM to 2 PM. Come out and enjoy the fun. Make it a family event and ride to the park together.

Go to the Police Department for more information regarding the Bike Rodeo.