Bike Safety

Trails and paths in Buffalo Grove are designated as multi-use which means bikers, walkers, roller bladers, and joggers must be courteous and share the trail. Below are some simple rules to keep everyone safe and having fun. For road riders, make sure you know the laws and rules of the road that apply to cyclists. 

Bicycle Users
  • Ride single file, keeping to the right of the trail.
  • Stay in your own lane.
  • Give warning before passing other trail users.
  • Obey all stop signs.
  • Walk all bicycles down overpasses where designated
Walkers & Joggers
  • Stay to the right on trails and paths, and be aware of bicycle traffic.
Multi-Use Trail Rules
  • Bicyclists must stay on the designated trail. No off-trail riding.
  • Be courteous to other trail users. Bicyclists yield to hikers. Give notice before passing other trail users.
  • Motor vehicles prohibited.
  • Recreational use only. No speed training.
  • All trails are two-way. Stay in your lane.
  • Don’t litter. Please pack out more than you pack in.
  • For rider’s safety, helmets are highly suggested.
Bicyclist and pedestrian crash support
Know how to respond in the event of a crash before it happens. Active Transportation Alliance offers important things to remember. Before a crash occurs, know your rights and get the information you need.

Crash Support Group
If you’re looking for support and answers in the wake of a crash, join the Active Trans' Crash Support Group.  These free and confidential meetings are facilitated by a trained professional. Come talk to others who have also been in a crash.

Crash Hotline
Call their hotline, 312-869-HELP (4357), to learn about your options. Whether your questions are related to legal, insurance, or advocacy issues, they’re ready to help.