Take Heed, Don't Speed!
Speeding is a problem in many communities, and Buffalo Grove is no exception. Enforcement of speed limit laws in residential areas is consistently identified as a high priority on annual citizen surveys. The Buffalo Grove Police Department has continued its aggressive speed reduction campaign in an effort to get motorists to slow down voluntarily. Increased traffic enforcement, public awareness, and education, are main components of this campaign. All patrol vehicles are equipped with in-car radar units. The Traffic Unit has acquired a special radar unit called “The Stealth Stat.”

The Stealth Stat
This specialized radar unit is contained within a small metal strong box which can be mounted on a telephone pole or street light pole. This unit has the capability to record the speeds and times of vehicles traveling along the street or road near its mounted location for up to one week. It’s especially helpful on interior streets where residents complain of vehicles speeding during certain times of the day or night.

If you have a specific traffic complaint anywhere within the village, please call the Buffalo Grove Police Department at 847-459-2560 and ask for the Traffic Unit.

Please visit the following websites for more information about speeding vehicles: