Other Programs

Bike Rodeo
In conjunction with National Bicycle Safety Month we hold our annual village-wide bike rodeo. 

While the major emphasis of the bike rodeo is to promote bicycle safety, it also gives us the opportunity to expose the children to the rules of the road and importance of helmet use. By stressing the importance of obeying the rules of the road at an early age, we are exposing the children to laws that affect them their entire lives. 

During the event we hand out safety brochures and other bicycle safety trinkets like pencils, key chains, and suckers. Everyone receives a participation ribbon while the winners in each division receive first, second, and third place trophies. 

In addition, we also raffle a boys and girls bike donated by our local Rotary Club. The children have lots of fun and everyone wins some type of prize.

Police Department Tours
The Buffalo Grove Police Department gave numerous tours to a variety of community groups in 2007. 

The Traffic Unit, in conjunction with our Crime Prevention Unit, worked together to make sure traffic safety topics were included in their presentations. 

With younger ages, we focus on bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, and safety belt use.

Safety Town
The Safety Town program is administered through the Buffalo Grove Park District. 

The Police Department includes portions that teach children bike safety and elements of Officer Friendly and Stranger Danger.